How Do I Cancel A Rally?

There is a rally cancellation form to fill in if you need to cancel a rally:

Rally Cancellation Form - Land Rover Camping And Caravan Club (

Who Does My Membership Cover?

Membership covers two adults plus children under the age of 18 years up to the maximum capacity of your unit (caravan plus awning, motorhome or tent).

Any children, friends or relatives aged 18 years or over wishing to stay in your unit must first become either full members of LRCCC or non unit members. Non unit members are not permitted to sleep in separate pup tents.

More details are found here:

Land Rover Camping And Caravan Club - LRCCC Memberships 

How Do I Get Directions To A Rally?

As requested by some of our users we have created a directions page showing all forthcoming rally addresses, postcodes and what 3 words links

Land Rover Camping And Caravan Club (LRCCC) Rally Directions

 Directions can also be found on the Rally Booking Page on each specific Rally

Can I Join A Rally Before I Become A Member?

  • Day visitors are allowed with prior agreement with the marshals but you would not be able to stay overnight. 

  • If you want to stay overnight you would need to become non unit members with the member they wish to stay with and they can only stay within the members caravan, not in a separate pup tent. 

  •  To utilise your own unit (Caravan / Motorhome / Tent / Etc) on a rally you would need to become a member prior to this event. 

How Do I Become A Honorary Member?

To get honorary membership you have to be the Lead Member, be over 60 years old and have been with the club for 5+ years consecutively.

To apply please send an email to or use the form here: Click Here

What Does A Honorary Member Receive?

A LRCCC honorary member receives £2 discount from selected weekend rallies (Marked "H" on the website / Rally Book) , this excludes;

  • Other Sister Club Rallies (Only Rallies by LRCCC)
  • Bank Holiday Rallies
  • Holiday Rallies

Can I Run A Weekend Rally?

Simple Answer - Yes!

The club encourages different people to run rallies, more guidelines for Marshals are found here:

LRCCC Marshal Guidelines

Generally a poster showing next years rallies is available from May up to the AGM where you can put your name down to run whichever rally you are interested in - if the rally has more than the required marshals volunteering then a draw is performed to ensure fairness.

 To express interest in running a rally or you have further questions please contact a member of the committee.