Andy Bunn

Chairman, Bookings Officer

152 Lyde Green, Halesowen, B63 2PE

Dean Sharpe

Vice-Chairman, Memberships

2 Buttermere Close, Lakeside, DY5 3SD

Helen Mills

Club Secretary

Dave Mills


Chris Cash

Merchandising, Site Officer

Robert Ashford

Site Inspector

Lee Sheldon

Equipment Officer

Greg Allen

Entertainment Secretary

Sarah Shaw

Youth Co-Ordinator

Neil Preston

IT Systems

Carol Bunn

Committee Member

Heather Ashford

Committee Member

Wayne Holt

Committee Member

Sandra Sharpe


Julie Preston


Dave Gumbley


Jim Clarke


Position Vacant


Duties: Attend monthly committee meetings (Cradley Heath Area). Help and support the running of the 3 Committee Run Rallies. Collect articles for the quarterley newsletter. Work with other committee members on newsletter content. Manage the newsletter mailbox. Create a 2-4 page newsletter each quarter. Circulate newsletter to committee prior to distribution.